YummyHealth helps your kids eat right without the fight<sup>®</sup>!
  • "My kids go absolutely nuts for YummySnack® Bars! To them they taste just like candy, but I know they’re getting far less sugar plus fiber and omegas. Thanks for making my job easier!"
    Elizabeth Jeffer, mother of 2
  • "As a cardiologist, I see the consequences of unhealthy eating every day. Our current epidemic of obesity, Type-2 diabetes and early-onset cardiovascular disease is linked with poor dietary habits that begin in childhood. Providing your children on a consistent basis with lower-sugar and lower-starch snacks like YummySnack® Bars and Chips will help to lower these risks and reduce their chances of having to see someone like me when they're older."
    David Engel, M.D., Cardiologist, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
  • "Oh my goodness! I tried your snack bar Chocolate Blast...It is by far the best snack bar I have ever had. I no longer will be buying candy bars to satisfy that [chocolate] craving."
    Talina P.
  • "As a doctor I know how important it is to keep sugar intake down, but as a mom it can be a real challenge getting my kids to stick with healthier choices. YummySnacks® let me give my kids treats they love as much as the junk, but without the junk. Thanks!"
    Alexandra McBride, M.D. and mother of 2
  • "As we all struggle to figure out the best way to raise and feed our kids, YummyHealth® might be just the right tool for parents who are developing a more overarching dietary plan for their kids, and are having trouble sticking with it."

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    Nancy French, New York Times Best Selling Author and mother of 3
  • "My son has Celiac, and it’s hard to find gluten-free treats he’s actually willing to eat. He really loves these bars, so fewer tears and arguments at snack time!"
    Susan Moy, mother of 2

YummyHealth is the industry leader in healthy snacks for kids. Our YummySnack products offer delicious flavors and are made of wholesome ingredients. Unlike other so-called “healthy snacks”, our product line was developed to be low in sugar and processed starches. Excess sugars and starches contribute to childhood obesity and interfere with natural energy levels in children, creating mood swings and unhealthy food cravings.

YummyHealth is committed to providing healthy snack ideas for parents who are concerned about giving their children the best. These low calorie snacks are ideal for lunchtime, parties, sporting events, or any time a healthy, flavorful snack is needed. We offer a wide variety of snacks, including our YummySnack Bars and YummySnack Chips. Every snack we make consists of all-natural ingredients – nothing artificial here! And, unlike regular snack foods, which do not often contain beneficial nutrients like calcium or protein, our natural products are actually good for growing bodies

The YummySnack Bars feature wholesome ingredients like flaxseed, cocoa, natural peanut butter, and sea salt for incredible flavor and a delicious appeal that kids will simply love. Available in six scrumptious flavors, the bars we make are:

Our delicious and nutritious YummySnack Chips come in three delectable flavors. As with all of our products, our crunchy, healthy chips are free of artificial ingredients and additives. The chips are made with real Wisconsin cheese and are:

YummyHealth was created by Lisa and Rob Goldbaum, parents who were frustrated by unhealthy snack choices on the market. Concerned for their own children’s’ health, they developed Yummy Health as a healthy, nutritious alternative to traditional snack foods. After researching products, they discovered that many of the snacks advertised as “healthy” were anything but; these junk foods were filled with as much sugars and processed starches as ordinary snack items. They knew there was a better alternative. Not only are YummyHealth products filled with natural ingredients and nothing artificial, they also taste great. Every product is extensively taste-tested by the founders’ own children as well as their “Yumsters Panel” to ensure that these low-calorie snacks have the flavors kids will simply love.

YummyHealth continues to develop flavorful healthy snacks for kids from their headquarters in Westchester, New York. The company is committed to promoting healthy eating habits by giving children important nutrients and delicious flavors in every product they make. Artificial ingredients and processed sugars are out and natural ingredients are in. YummySnacks make it easy to get your family to eat right without a fight!